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Case Study – Overwatch 2 Heroes Recall EMEA

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In October 2022, we had the exciting opportunity to work on one of the first launch events for Overwatch 2 in the EMEA Region. The tournament was called Overwatch 2 Heroes Recall and featured streamers from across the region competing for a share of the €100, 000 prize pool. Six teams featured in total including Team Nordics, Team France, Team Benelux, Team Germany, Team UK, and Team Saudi Arabia.

We were tasked with creating the branding for the tournament from scratch, the logo, broadcast and social static and motion graphical assets, and video content for broadcast and social media to help build awareness and generate interest in the Overwatch community for what was a fun and engaging way to welcome Overwatch 2 to the EMEA region.

An example of a highlight stinger we produced for the Overwatch 2 Heroes Recall Tournament

The brand and the logo itself were inspired by existing design elements present in Overwatch to create a seamless visual experience that really embodied the Overwatch brand. We took elements of Overwatch’s visual identity, character key art, and existing Overwatch styles to create a fresh and clean brand image for the Overwatch Heroes Recall tournament. The graphical assets produced were used on social media, in video content, and on the broadcast itself. 

You can check out some of the completed assets in the gallery below:

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The tournament was also one of the first direct touchpoints for competitive Overwatch 2 with Overwatch fans in EMEA. It was therefore paramount that static, motion and video assets all felt extremely premium and worthy of being associated with such a prestigious gaming brand.

We also produced a hype trailer which featured extensive motion graphics, prioritising information delivery and focusing on hero shots that generated hype for the tournament start. The video was used on the official OverwatchEU Twitter account and generated significant social attention, you can see the full video that we produced below:

Hype trailer for the Overwatch 2 Heroes Recall Tournament

This was also exported into French and German to cater to the wider local European audiences that were invested in the Heroes Recall tournament.

During the tournament itself, we created highlight packages for each tournament day, which we produced in a 24-hour turnaround window. These highlight packages were also exported into French and German and then used on the broadcasts, as well as on the main social media channels. During match days we also clipped and produced highlights that were posted and shared across the main Overwatch EMEA social media channels.

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