Case Study – EXG Cable Guys Influencer Marketing Activation

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We worked with EXG to support the promotion of one of their gaming-focused products known as Cable Guys. Already well-loved within the console community, EXG wanted to promote specific new product lines that were relevant to current gaming trends. An example was their Call of Duty “Ghost” Cable Guy that thematically tied into the release of Call of Duty: Warzone 2. 

We were provided with a budget for the activation and from there we pulled together a complete influencer promotion plan, including influencer selection, full creator briefs, contracts for the influencers, and post-activation statistic collection. As a premier games marketing agency in the UK, we handled the full process for EXG, ensuring that it remained streamlined and that any contractual negotiations and creator payments were delivered by Hotdrop.

EXG Roundup Video of the Cable Guys Crash Bandicoot Activation

We selected UK-based Call of Duty influencers, all of whom play with controllers or on a console directly, and created a coordinated, focused campaign. The influencers included LouiCM, Lenun, RyanStoker, Zyro, and SophieSnazz – many of whom we activated through our partnership with 4CAST. This selection of influencers gave us a direct link to a key audience for Cable Guys, especially important as the activation was timed in the lead-up to Christmas, with specific call-out instructions designed to highlight the product as a great gift option.

Our brief for the selected Twitch streamers was fully comprehensive and included setting up a Chat Bot Ticker with a link to an Instagram giveaway on the EXGPro Instagram account, a fully scripted ad-read with specific call-to-actions, supporting social post copy, Twitch panel banners, and a suite of assets the creators would need to support the activation. The creators were instructed to perform regular sponsored stream call-outs as well as social posts with direct signposts to the products.

The single-day coordinated Twitch activation saw nearly 10,000 unique viewers tune in and get eyes on the Cable Guys products. The creators themselves spoke enthusiastically about Cable Guys and through the activation, we were able to create some strong brand advocates for EXG, with many of the creators still using the products in the background of their streams as decorative assets. EXG were extremely pleased with the results, especially given the quick turnaround on influencer activations and the small budget that we worked within.

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