On-site with Alpine Esports – Capturing content at the world-famous Magny-Cours Race Track

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We’re always excited to head out on location to capture content for our clients, so we jumped at the opportunity to further develop our content production relationship with the Alpine Esports F1 Team at Magny-Cours. Our mission was to cast a spotlight on the winners of the Alpine Esports Series Competition as they celebrated their success with an exclusive Alpine A110 GT4 track day at the world-famous Magny-Cours circuit. The two winners, Jaroslav “Jardier” Honzil and James Baldwin won the event in 2020 and 2021 respectively and as a reward, Alpine invited them both over to the world-renowned French racing circuit to offer them the opportunity to transfer their sim-racing experience to a real-world environment with this exclusive prize.

James came into the day as the 2022 Alpine Esports Series winner, having dominated the competition. As well as being an extremely talented sim racer, James had a good amount of on-track experience and swiftly got into the swing of things with the GT4. Conversely, Jardier had very little on-track experience and was directly applying his sim racing skills as he took to the car for the first time – something which he clearly enjoyed as not a moment went by without his trademark smile dominating the scene. Both racers brought a huge amount of personality and energy to the day, which made our jobs of capturing content that much easier.

As both producers and creative directors for the content piece, we set out a vision that would highlight the Alpine brand (and specifically the Alpine A110 GT4) as well as showcase the personalities of both James and Jardier as they put their racing skills to the test. We wanted to capture the fun and exciting atmosphere as these two enthusiastic creators experienced the GT4 for the very first time, as well as highlight the speed and energy of the car itself. 

We wanted to showcase the crossover between digital and physical racing by capturing the very best moments of the Sim Racing winners on the track. We wanted to highlight the commitment from Alpine to their esports and sim racing division whilst also illustrating their pedigree and roots on the tarmac, a true blend of “classic meets progress”. It was amazing to see how the sim racing champions translated their skills onto the track, from the very get-go it was clear that the hours they had put into their sim racing skills clearly translated to real-life racing acumen.

Our talented videographers and creative directors joined the Alpine team on-site at Magny-Cours and guided the content capture from start to finish. From shot selection to managing and setting up the perfect interview, we were able to maximise our time on location to ensure the highest quality output. Each and every shot was chosen to align with the creative vision and to ensure that no moment was wasted and we had the best material to work with.

After returning home, our video team pulled together the footage we captured to weave an engaging and entertaining story designed to capture the viewers and keep them engaged throughout the content piece. We really wanted to place James and Jardier at the forefront of the content to ensure that their stories and personalities shone throughout, whilst also keeping the Alpine brand consistent and centred. We wanted viewers to come away from the video feeling more connected to not only the people and faces in the video but also the Alpine Esports brand itself.

We ensure that our clients have full visibility of content editing processes and throughout the creation of the video Alpine was able to offer comments and help shape the final product, working seamlessly with our in-house creative video team.  As a result, we were able to speed up turnaround times and deliver a completed product that was extremely well received by Alpine and was of exceptional quality. You can check out the full video below:

“Send It” was the title for our Alpine GT4 Experience edit – capturing the best moments of the day with the talent Sim Racing drivers

The video is currently live on the Alpine Esports YouTube channel and you can check it out here.

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