Case Study – MSI Influencer Marketing Campaign, end-to-end delivery on Nvidia GPU Deals Promotion

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We worked with MSI in the lead-up to the 2022 Holiday Period to implement an influencer marketing strategy designed to generate click-throughs and campaign awareness for MSI Nvidia GPUs. The MSI team wanted to focus specifically on UK VALORANT viewers and as such, we needed to tailor the influencers that we used to this specific audience. We were also given a limited budget and therefore wanted to ensure that we could generate the most value possible within the financial limits set. As an end-to-end games and influencer marketing agency we handled all contract negotiations, brief creation, statistic collection, and payments with the influencers directly to make the activation as easy as possible for MSI.

For this activation, we selected three prominent UK-based VALORANT Twitch Streamers; Karagii, SoMarcus, and megsoundslikeegg. This selection of influencers gave us a total overall reach of roughly 280k across all social media and streaming platforms. As part of the deal, we were able to leverage activations across all of their social channels, increasing our total audience reach. We negotiated a broad range of deliverables from all creators to maximize exposure to their communities, including additional deliverables that were above the original scope including; 18 specific calls-to-action from the streamers, sponsored social posts, logos and banners present on all Twitch stream overlays, and a dedicated Twitch Chat ticker to post a tracking link with information about the campaign.

MSI x Nvidia Social Media Campaign Graphic

The campaign saw nearly 100,000 gamers engage with MSI and Nvidia in the lead-up to the busy Holiday shopping season, with a high volume of direct link clicks to the campaign landing page. We also unearthed a range of new MSI & NVIDIA brand advocates and helped the brands engage in short-form content through TikTok and Twitch Clips.

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