Case Study – Red Bull Wololo V: Esports in Heidelberg Castle

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We had the unique opportunity to work with Red Bull to help produce content for their much loved “Wololo” Esports Series for the classic game Age of Empires II (AoE). Red Bull Wololo V’s finals took place in the iconic Heidelberg Palace in Germany, with the location transformed to fit the Age of Empires theme.

You can check out a snapshot of our work in the video below:

Highlight reel from our work at Heidelberg Castle for Red Bull Wololo V

Given the buzz around the location of the final, Red Bull tasked us with simplifying AoE for a new audience through innovative content creation that would engage and capture viewers:

  • We created pre-production content, such as event trailers and AoE strategy videos, in the build-up to the event that helped generate hype and capture fan interest
  • On-site filming, producing, and editing of content segments for the live broadcast which included interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, documentary-style videos, and hero shots
  • We produced all motion graphics for use in the live broadcast and in recorded content

Our creative team demonstrated their industry-leading skills by producing content that was extremely well received by the Wololo community on social media. The content generated dedicated Reddit and Twitter posts that directly commended how in-tune the content was with the Wololo audience and its extremely high production quality.

“Filming the Red Bull Wololo event at Castle Heidelberg was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before and fit perfectly with Red Bull’s distinctive style. We were inspired by the location to produce top-tier content that matched the setting and are proud that it resonated positively with the Age of Empires II community”

Jason Southern, Hotdrop Creative Designer and Red Bull Wololo V On-site Director

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