Heather Dower, the CEO and Founder of Hotdrop talking on a panel at ESI with Claire Hungate, Team liquid CEO

ESI London Panel Recap – The Esports Team Identity Crisis

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Back at ESI London 2022, our CEO and Founder Heather Dower joined panellists Claire Hungate (Team Liquid CEO), Kelly Ong (Alliance CSO), and Mario Fernández (Team Dux CEO) to discuss the evolution of esports teams’ identities and brands. The “Esports Team Identity Crisis” touched on a wide range of topics from pioneering high-performance brands to the more recent content-led organisations, the panellists were quick to detail their views on the past, present and future of esports teams’ identities.

Some of the key takeaways from Heather can be seen below:

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The panel also covered Esports teams marketing efforts and how they can best prepare for the ever-evolving digital landscape. Insights from senior esports team staff from Team Liquid and Alliance gave us a unique insight into how teams approach their branding and how they are looking to cement or shift their brands in the upcoming years. Heather was able to add a unique viewpoint from a marketing angle, offering insights into brand positioning and an outsider’s perspective on current brand offerings.

The full panel can be watched below:

Full VOD of the Esports Insiders’s “The Esports Team Identity Crisis” Panel

“Esports has evolved to the point where teams’ and brands’ identities are being defined by a multitude of influences, from lifestyle content to national attachments.

With brands and esports organisations looking to adapt or refresh identities, it’s vital to make a combination of data-driven and instinctive decisions. It’s important to not knee-jerk should you not see an immediate impact. Consistent implementation is key to the process and helps you arrive at an identity that genuinely resonates with your audiences”

Heather Dower, Founder and CEO Hotdrop

At Hotdrop, we are extremely proud of our deep endemic knowledge of the gaming and esports space. Our team is uniquely placed to discuss brand positioning, and our core knowledge of consumer behaviour and insights has helped many brands effectively establish themselves in the industry.

If you are interested in discussing the panel, or are looking to make an entry into the gaming and esports space and would like unparalleled counsel from a leading gaming marketing agency on how best to position that entry, reach out to us at hello@hotdrop.gg