Case Study – Red Bull Home Ground VALORANT Showcase

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We had the pleasure of working on RedBull Home Ground, the first Tier 1 VALORANT event of 2021.

We designed a fresh and unique style for the event across their broadcast and social media channels, delivering quality graphical and VT content. The event deserved eye-catching visuals across Twitch, Twitter, and beyond to complement both the classic Red Bull identity and VALORANT’s refreshing style.

We were able to combine our graphic design and creative team, with our marketing and social media team to produce the highest quality product for Red Bull and VALORANT. The result was clean and vibrant broadcast graphics that kept things lively both in and out of games.

Over the course of the event, we were also responsible for the post-editing video content for broadcast and social media with same-day turnaround times. We delivered across the board from in-depth VTs explaining the tournament format, to the exciting sponsored AOC Gaming Play of the Day and everything in between.

Check out the video below to see our work in action:

“We’re proud that we were able to take Red Bull’s distinguished style and branding and adapt it to create a highly recognizable look and feel for this tournament that generated such a positive response from the VALORANT community.”

Joe Kent, Hotdrop Creative Manager.

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