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This webpage is intended to act as both a portfolio for our previous rebrand projects as well as an initial look into some of our early ideation for the TCL rebrand. The post is private and password protected. The contents of this page are as follows:

You will find that we have provided you with two initial ‘mood board’ examples of designs to demonstrate how we can take a creative direction and start to build a brand identity. These very early top-level concepts are purely illustrative to showcase our approach to initiating the design process.

We believe the brand should be inclusive and eye-catching to continue to inspire the players and audiences from the scene and breathe a new lease of life into the TCL for the next stage of its journey.

Note: We understand that Turkey has a revised country name of Türkiye and will look to Riot Games to confirm, if we are successful, which naming convention to follow in the branding

Previous Experience

Please find examples of our previous rebranding experiences below, including projects of a similar size and scope. Please note this is not an exhaustive list of our experience.


We were tasked with building a brand for the Northern Europe VALORANT League ‘BEACON’ from the ground up. With a similar level of scope and deliverables to the TCL rebrand we delivered on the; brand name, the brand positioning, the slogan, the lore and background of the brand identity, and all visual assets for both broadcast and social media including a fully-fledged brand guidelines book for partners. We also oversaw content production, community management, and social media strategy for both 2022 splits. You can find our full brand guidelines booklet for BEACON below:

Note: You can toggle a fullscreen view using the four arrow icon.

Some examples of broadcast graphics including a stream starting slate, a standings graphic, and a brackets graphic can be found below:

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Image Gallery of some of our BEACON Broadcast graphics.

We also produced motion graphics which included assets such as stingers and scene transitions, an example of which can be found below:

GIF of a BEACON Broadcast Stinger graphic using the kaleidoscope thematic present throughout the branding.

Similarly, we also supported Promod Esports and Riot Games with the VALORANT Northern Europe Regional League: Polaris. We created the name, the revised brand positioning and also the ‘POLARIS’ graffiti logo.

You can read more about the success of BEACON, including our social wins here.

CMS Distribution

CMS Distribution was in the market to launch a new gaming B2C sub-brand, that was distinctively different to their main B2B company branding. 

We created the brand name, brand tone of voice, brand positioning, and all branding visual identity for content production motion graphics, statics, social media and brand guidelines booklet. They loved the branding so much that they used the results to transform their main B2B branding too.

You can find the brand guidelines booklet below:

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Some examples of rebranded assets and mockups that we created can be found below:

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Image Gallery of some of our Source rebrand mockup images

Amazon National University Esports League

We had the chance to work on the Amazon University Esports League rebrand that went live in 2021. NUEL has grown over the last decade and we wanted to reflect that by taking an evolutionary approach to the rebrand. By using their existing colours and patterns as a foundation, we developed them into unique, stand-out identities for three new sub-brands: Careers, Community, and Compete.

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Some examples of our rebranded broadcast graphical assets can be found below:

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Image Gallery of some of our NUEL rebrand broadcast graphical assets.

You can read more about our full rebrand case study with the NUEL here.

Kinguin Legends

For Kinguin Legends (a CS:GO tournament and broader entertainment IP) we designed all elements for the broadcast, social media and other digital footprints such as full website design and branded PPT template slides.

We created an identity that is completely fresh for the CS:GO scene, allowing for playful animated assets and the idea of comic book theme approach to complement the content production and storytelling aspect of bringing legendary CS:GO players back to compete at the highest level.

You can find the brand guidelines booklet below:

Note: You can toggle a fullscreen view using the four arrow icon.

A gallery of some example broadcast graphics can be found below:

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Image Gallery of some of our Kinguin rebrand broadcast graphical assets.

And finally an example of an animated broadcast asset used on stream:

GIF of a Kignuin Legends Broadcast Stinger graphic.

Other showcases of our creative work that can be shared publicly can be found on our portfolio page

Early TCL Concept Ideation

We have created two unique early concept designs for the TCL which we have separated into “Concept 1” and “Concept 2”. Please note, these are early ideation mockups that we have created for illustrative purposes for this response only. We would also offer rounds of reviewing and brand consultation for you and your internal stakeholders to all sign off as we develop the branding.

Concept 1

Concept 1 pulls inspiration from the wealth of turquoise-coloured elements throughout Turkey, from pottery to architecture to the turquoise coast.  Turquoise, the etymology of which is derived from the French turquois meaning ‘Turkish’ as a result of the mineral historically being transported through Turkey to Europe. 

This concept allows for bold Turkish-inspired elements to be worked on top of it. In the animated form, the ‘glass effect’ could be used in such a way to allow a look into the past at iconic moments in Turkish League history, and paired with a range of different stone-inspired renders it allows for a very dynamic and evolving brand.

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Another direction we could take with this concept is bold but textured, with inspiration from Turkish tiles. Geometric tile patterns and a range of shapes have been pulled from Turkish architecture and architectural elements. To create a contrast with the bold and 2D background, a range of textured elements are used on top to create a sense of confidence and ‘daring’ throughout the brand.

The shapes chosen within the ‘Turkish Championship League’ title are pulled from architectural inspirations throughout the country, predominantly arches seen throughout the country in Bazaars as well as unique pieces of Turkish history such as Ephesus, Topkapi Palace, and Alanya Castle alongside even more. Custom elements within the chosen font continue that feeling of individuality throughout the brand, whilst also celebrating the country’s unique and beautiful architectural history.

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Concept 2

This concept is built to look more traditional but is paired with modern elements to fit in with TCL and Riot. It pulls inspiration from Turkish culture and common items like rugs and lamps which always feature intricate detail and repeating patterns. Earthy tones are found in the majority of these items, so incorporating that into the brand colour palette was key to having that traditional Turkish feel within the design. Adding in extra details like the corner elements helps to frame any content displayed and also adds more visual interest. These elements can then be used repeatedly throughout any other graphics and within containers to add to the brand’s look and feel.

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Another direction that could be explored is taking inspiration from the Pamukkale area which represents the hot springs and surrounding pools. The terraces of the springs are made of travertine and this textured rock was incorporated into the design to create a grungy look. Along with the textures, there are some organic background shapes used to represent the pools. As they vary in shape and sizes it makes for an interesting background design and the individual shapes could be utilised in multiple ways across various graphics as framing elements, containers or as a full background design. There would also be numerous animation possibilities having the textures move and interact with the background shapes to make it feel like the design is evolving.

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Closing Thoughts

Thank you so much for involving Hotdrop in the TCL RFP process. We hope you enjoy reviewing our previous work and concepts. 

If you have any further questions please contact Heather Dower – 

We look forward to hearing from you.


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